BalticRIM project

BalticRIM project was completed by October 2020

Underwater cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea is exceptionally versatile and well preserved even in a global comparison. Baltic Sea Region Integrated Maritime Cultural Heritage Management -project (2017-2020) worked for integrating management of these heritage resources into Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) through collaborative planning and management pilot cases. The project used the opportunity of the ongoing processes driven by the MSP Directive across all BSR countries. BalticRIM will supported regional efforts for exemplary MSP implementation in the world scale.

The BalticRIM project started in October 2018, and was completed by October 2020. The project partners were state agencies in charge of cultural heritage management as well as MSP experts in the Baltic Sea region. The partnership’s expertise was underpinned by academic involvement. Regional influencers, such as the Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation (BSSSC), as well as NGOs, like the Finnish Divers’ Association, were linked to the project. Joint HELCOM-VASAB Maritime Spatial Planning Working Group supported the project preparation, and was in interaction with the project proceedings.

The project created synergies between heritage assets and the requirements of other Blue Growth sectors and options to balance the concerns of cultural heritage protection, resource efficiency and – for instance – the potential for tourism potential, with respect to the EU Blue Growth initiative.

The project acted as the flagship of the EUSBSR PA Culture and Creative SectorsMore information.

The Final Report provides a synopsis of the legal and administrative situation and of the practices concerning the management of MCH with respect to MSP across the Baltic Sea states. Analyses deal with the first round processes of MSP during 2017-2020. The BalticRIM recommendations are tailored separately for both cultural heritage administration and MSP. In addition, this publication considers the role of MCH in current blue growth initiatives across the BSR and the development of perspectives, focussing on tourism.

separate handbook provides an overview of the solutions concisely. BalticRIM data portal ( displays the spatial data regarding both the MSP pilots and gathered blue growth information and BalticRIM WIKI ( presents MCH and UCH terminology with attached definitions.