Baltic sea region cultural heritage forum

From Postwar to Postmodern. The 6th Baltic Sea Region Cultural Heritage Forum, Kiel 2016.
Edited by Maria Rossipal, Swedish National Heritage Board

The Changing Coastal and Maritime Culture. V BSR Cultural Heritage Forum in Tallinn 2013.
Edited by Maili Roio, Estonian National Heritage Board. PDF

Cultural Heritage – Contemporary Challenge. IV BSR Cultural Heritage Forum in Riga 2010.
Edited by Katrina Kukaine, State Inspection for Heritage Protection of Latvia. PDF

Cultural Heritage and Tourism Potential, Impact, Partnership and Governance.  III BSR Cultural Heritage Forum in Vilnius 2007.
Edited by Marianne Lehtimäki, Versus Aureus with support of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture, Lithuania. PDF

Urban Heritage – Collective Privilege. II BSR Cultural Heritage Forum in Helsinki 2005.
Edited by Marianne Lehtimäki, National Boars of Antiquities, Finland. PDF Content list

Baltic Sea Identity Common Sea – Common Culture?  I Baltic Sea Region Cultural Heritage Forum in Gdansk 2003
Edited by Jerzy Litwin, National Maritime Museum in Gdansk. PDF

The former working group – Sustainable Historic Towns

  • Working group on Sustainable Historic Towns 2000-2011
  • Working Group on Building Preservation and Maintenance in Practice 2000-2009
  • “Cultural Landscapes and Historic Gardens” -network meeting in Vilnius November 2008


Facilitating regional collaboration & heritage awareness

Pdf: 6th BSR Forum Joint Statement

  • The V BSR Cultural Heritage Forum “The Changing Coastal and Maritime Culture”  agreed on common conclusion  in Tallinn September 2013.

Pdf: The V Baltic Sea Region Cultural Heritage

  • The IV Forum Resolution includes recommendations of the IV BSR Cultural Heritage Forum Cultural Heritage – Contemporary Challenge took place in Riga 2010

Pdf: BSRForum2010_Resolution_recommendationsMarch2011, IV_BSR_CH_FORUM_Report (2012)

  • The III BSR Cultural Heritage Forum Cultural Heritage and Tourism Potential, Impact, Partnership and Governance searched for the best practices of cultural tourism approaches that were collected from the whole region. The III Forum Statement deals with the relations between the cultural heritage and tourism.

Pdf: 3 Forum publ on cultural heritage and tourism, III ForumStatement on Heritage and Cultural Tourism in the Baltic Sea Region IN Vilnius 28 September 2007