International conference Digital approaches in cultural heritage: towards a pan-Baltic cooperation network, 21-22 May, Riga, Latvia

On 21-22 May 2019 in Riga at the National Library of Latvia will be organised international conference aimed for raising awareness between culture workers and specialists, including young professionals and policy-makers on issues related to digital cultural heritage.

Cultural heritage sector faces increased pressure to digitise its physical collections and preserve recent heritage, including born-digital materials, ensure long-term preservation and create trustworthy, engaging, innovative products and services for different target groups, especially young audience. It is becoming obvious that no institution and even country, for that matter, cannot tackle and solve all these issues on their own.

We believe that most of challenges are in the areas of preservation of recent digital materials, engaging use of digitised materials for general audience, use of digital materials for research and cross-border accessibility of materials, particularly from the side copyrights.

The conference includes following topics:

– Preservation of the recent cultural heritage, including born-digital

– Use of cultural heritage materials for regional identity building

– Use of cultural heritage materials in research across borders

– Cross-border accessibility of cultural heritage in digital environment

Currently four international expert groups are elaborating recommendations on increasing cross-border cooperation and setting up a pan-Baltic network for cultural heritage professionals, containing practical suggestions in four distinct areas.

Plenary sessions and workshops will provide the framework for discussion, outline the issues in the areas explored by the expert groups, discuss the potential to implement the recommendations and explore the ways to establish a permanent pan-Baltic network for collaboration.

Conference is organised with the support of the Council of the Baltic Sea States.

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