Symposium „Transformation of cultural environments” and meeting of the BRHC 4-5 November, Copenhagen, Denmark

On the 4th November 2019 in Copenhagen at the Docken will be organized a symposium „Transformation of cultural environments” aimed for sharing experiences, successes and failures between people, who are engaged in cultural environments and spatial planning on issues.

The symposium focuses on topics regarding the fact that by 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be city dwellers. Cities are vying to attract national and international companies in order to generate further growth and prosperity. In our part of the world (the Baltic Sea area), many of the cities date back to the Middle Ages. This is evident from their structure, their street layout, their port facilities and, to some extent, their buildings. However, as the need for new construction increases, the built heritage comes under pressure, as does cultural values and environments. Heritage is not really a top priority for investors or developers, nor for the majority of politicians. But perhaps it ought to be, considering its potential as attraction value and competition parameter.  UNESCO  has addressed this problem in recent years, developing what they call the ‘HUL Approach’: ‘The HUL (Historic Urban Landscape) approach requires us to take into account the local context of each historic city.

At the symposium experts will look at a variety of solutions taken from cultural environments in the Baltic Sea area. Attractive as well as less attractive solutions – to draw inspiration from and, perhaps, pass on to decision-makers in our respective home countries.

On 5th November 2019 will be held The Baltic Region Heritage Committee’s meeting that will be hosted by the Agency of Culture and Palaces in Copenhagen. Vision for BRHC cooperation, information about ongoing projects is on the agenda.

Symposium Programme: FINAL_BRHC_Symposium Programme
Symposium Background note: BRHC Symposium in Copenhagen 041119_background note