What about 6th forum?

The theme of the 6th Baltic Sea Region Cultural Heritage Forum was “From Postwar to Postmodern – 20th Century Built Cultural Heritage”. The conference was held in Kiel, Germany, 28-30 September 2016.

The aim of the conference was to raise awareness of the built cultural heritage of the postwar and postmodern period in the Baltic Sea region. The conference addressed the historical legacy of postwar twentieth century architecture in the context of the Baltic Sea Region and the different values that are ascribed to the architecture of this period through the end of the twentieth century. The Forum was arranged in cooperation between the Swedish National Heritage Board and the State Archaeological Department Schleswig Holstein under the supervision of the Baltic Region Heritage Committee.

The conference report is available to load down as print on demand: http://kulturarvsdata.se/raa/samla/html/10997

Live-streaming: https://www.kiel-heritage-forum-2016.eu/home/videos-from-the-lectures/